Here are the most frequently asked questions

How does the Accent Copier trade copier service work?

Our comprehensive trading incorporates a multi-faceted approach, combining top quant strategies led by AI and followed by our traders, and complemented by macro strategies.

What is the minimum deposit required to start using Accent Copier?

The minimum required deposit is 200$. With a reminder that risk and can be adjusted as per your bias.

How often are trades copied to my account?

They are always done ! Whenever a trade is taken, it is directly reflected on yours.

How can I connect my MetaTrader 4 (MT4) account to the Accent Copier service?

You will need to download the Axi Copier app. Please reffer to the guide.

What kind of support is available if I have any questions or issues?

You can find all of our social chats at the bottom of our page, redirecting you directly to the chat. Or, you can directly go for the live chat option.

How often are profits shared with the Accent Copier service?

They are shared monthly

Can I use Accent Copier on multiple trading accounts simultaneously?

Yes you can, all you need is different profiles.

What are the recommended risk management practices when using the Accent Copier service?

For accounts below a 400$ balance a 0.01 lot is recommended. Anything above the trader can just add a 0.01 lot size for every 300$ available in his balance. Also, lot size exposure can slowly be increased after profit is generated.

What currency pairs does Accent Copier support?

Accent copier places most of his trades on: Major currencies - US Indices - Metals (Gold) - USOil

Can I pause or disconnect the copier service at any time?

anytime you wish.

How often are new trading signals generated by the Accent Copier system?

We work using multiple systems. You might witness one to two swing trades per week. Matched with 1 to 2-day trades per day.

Can I set specific profit targets or stop-loss levels for my trades?

No, you may not get the chance to adjust a stop loss or take profit. But you are able to close any loosing or winning trade whenever you feel like it.

Are there any specific requirements or restrictions for joining the Accent Copier affiliate program?

There is no requirements.

How can I keep track of my trade history and performance metrics with Accent Copier?

If you account is only linked to our services, all history and trade performance can be found in your MT4's app trading history.

Can I adjust the risk parameters and lot size for my trades?

Yep you can definitely fix a certain lot to be mirrored to our execution.

Are there any additional fees or commissions apart from the 20% profit sharing fee?

No, we only make money if you do. All money generated is shared at the end of the month after a positive performance.

Do I need to pay any fee in advance ?

No, we only make money if you do. All money generated is shared at the end of the month after a positive performance.

You will need to download the Axi Copier app. Please reffer to the guide.

Sadly, as the broker we operate with has his own developed platforms, which is really great. Our services can only be held on Axi's broker and Axi's copier app.

How secure is my account and personal information with Accent Copier?

Accent copier does not have any access to your personal information. All of your money and information are kept within a top tier broker we chose. Whereas, our relation is just a connection through the copier app.

Can I track the performance and results of my trades on the Accent Copier platform?

Sure you can, you can have access to your account anytime and monitor all the executed trades.

What should I do if I encounter any technical difficulties or connectivity issues?

If you are facing any issue feel free to directly text any of our multiple social chats channels.

What is the average historical performance of Accent Copier?

On average performance of +/- 10% is done at the end of every month. Negative months are very rare. But client might experience a stagnant month from time to time. Data will soon be available on MyFXBook.

Can I use Accent Copier with a demo account before trading with real funds?

We did not really get to explore this option with the Broker. But since there is the withdrawal periods automatically done in case of profit we are afraid not. But you may always follow our metrics from week to week or MOM.

Is there a maximum number of trades or lot sizes that can be copied at once?

Not really, as much as your margin will give you the possibility to.

Does Accent Copier support different account types, such as standard or mini accounts?

As per our request, we request you to open your account under the link in the format to follow the same type of account we trade on.

Can I still manually trade on my account while using the Accent Copier service?

Yes you can. But we do not emphasize it as it might disturbe the end performance.

What is the average trading frequency of the Accent Copier service?

10-15 set ups a week (matched between intraday as per our system and macro swing).