At Accent Copier, we prioritize transparency and the security of your funds. We want to assure you that we never request any direct payments from our clients. All your funds will be securely held in an account under your name. Profit sharing will be handled automatically at the end of each month, with “Accent-Copier” receiving a 20% fee from the generated profits, as stated on the “Accent-Copier” app.

To begin the connection process:

Step 1: Sign up on, using the provided link, to ensure trading within the same parameters as us—specifically, a “Pro account” under SVG regulation.

Step 2: Proceed to fund your account using the various methods available, which can be explored on the AXI website. Moreover, as mentioned you may have the flexibility to start your journey with a minimum deposit of 275$.

Step 3: Download the AXI Copier app and establish a connection with your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) account. While signing up, remember to select “Copier” as your profile. Next, search for “Accent Copier” within the app and connect with our trades.

Once you want to establish the connection use the following options: trade size fixed, adjust the fixed lot size as per your desire or chat with our team and we rather not go to copy existing trades and go with the new ones.

Step 4: As you establish the connection, we kindly remind you to customize the risk parameters according to your risk tolerance. At Accent Copier, we recommend a conservative approach for accounts with a balance below $400, suggesting a lot size of 0.01. However, as your account grows, you have the flexibility to adjust the risk level to align with your preferences.

If you find any difficulty, our team is dedicated to assist you the risk determination process, and we are available to address any concerns or queries you may have.

A Critical Note: Please exercise extreme caution when navigating the copier app, as there are numerous profiles other than Accent listed. We strongly advise against following any individuals or profiles promising extravagant returns. Often, such trades involve excessive leverage, hedging positions, and negative equity, leading to significant losses. if you would like to explore other options, we urge you to conduct thorough due diligence and research. However, Accent Copier does not endorse or emphasize any other profiles beyond their own.

Lastly, we believe that by completing these steps, you will embark on a rewarding journey with our team. For any inquiries, please refer to the FAQ section or reach out to us through the available channels listed below.

We look forward to serving you and ensuring a seamless trading experience.

Best regards,

The Accent Copier Team